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November Retrospect

November. The inbetween month – stuck between beautiful, spooky October and magical, festive December. It has been another busy month for us, and has been filled with lots of Christmas preparation:

  • Jasper and I attended a booking signing by Julia Donaldson and Axel Sheffler, acclaimed creators of The Gruffalo, earlier in the month (read more here).
  • Jules is now 11 months old. Her legs are getting stronger through standing and walking holding on to things for support. She has started to climb stairs, and has also been fitted for her first pair of ‘cruising’ shoes.
  • Jasper completed his first course of independent swimming lessons. He is gaining more and more confidence with each lesson, and is now brave enough to briefly put his face underwater.
  • Jules ‘graduated’ from her Baby Sensory class and had her first short induction at nursery. This has been such a bittersweet time for me. I have been so proud of Jules and her growing independence, but really sad that her first year seems to have passed so fast.
  • To end the month we visited Santa’s Grotto at a nearby garden centre. This was Jules’s first time meeting Father Christmas. Jasper had some special requests for the big man – a yellow remote-control car is at the top of his wish list! Last year we visited Father Christmas in late November too. I find it’s a good time to go (avoiding the December crowds) and it sets the scene for the festive fun to come in the following month.

25a. November Retrospect

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