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October Retrospect

October. This month just seemed to fly by, so much so that I am a little delayed with posting this Retrospect! October 2017 you brought a beautiful autumn:

  • Early in the month we made a return visit to our nearest Gruffalo Trail at Thorndon Country Park. I love woodlands in the autumn as they are a treasure trove of colourful leaves, shiny chestnuts and delicate toadstools to admire during a family walk. Combined with seeking out the familiar faces of the Gruffalo, Mouse, Fox, Snake and Owl wooden sculptures, it was a fun afternoon spent in the crisp outdoors.
  • Our home renovations are ongoing. In October we had repair and maintenance work done to the chimney stack. This work was in response to one of the more serious concerns detailed in the building survey report on the house, published when we bought the property, and which we are slowly making our way through as part of the overall house renovations. We have also had more electrical work done and continued with redecorating.
  • After a busy start to Jasper’s first term at primary school, the half term holiday in October was a welcome break from the school run and for Jasper to catch up with some of his old preschool friends. Some of these friends are still in preschool while others are now in different primary schools, but it was wonderful to see them play together as though they had never been apart since the summer. I love witnessing the bond these small people share and, as long as the grown-ups continue to help keep the connection, hopefully some may be friends for many years to come.
  • Jules is now ten months old. Since mastering crawling, she has also started ‘cruising’ and can have a go at a few steps with a baby walker for support.
  • In the run up to Halloween we attended a baby and sibling Pumpkin Party run by Jules’s Baby Sensory group leader. It was good fun to get the children dressed up and for them to enjoy an afternoon of music, singing, lights, bubbles and other sensory activities. Jasper had attended this group as a baby too, so in some ways it was a sentimental journey back for him.
  • To conclude the month we enjoyed Halloween. Although I never celebrated this as a child in South Africa (read more here), this has become one of my favourite times of the year. Jasper loves the spookiness too and was my little helper when it came to decorating the house and carving our pumpkins. Dressed as a scary knight, and me as a black cat, Jasper joined one of his preschool friends for their first time trick-or-treating. It is definitely a growing tradition here in the UK and our neighbourhood was full of families enjoying the novelty of dressing up, going out in the dark and spotting which houses (lit by pumpkin lanterns) had sweets to share out.

24a. October Retrospect


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