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September Retrospect

September. A new chapter, a new season. September 2017 you have been exciting and utterly exhausting:

  • At the start of the month we attended Jasper’s preschool graduation. It was a sweet celebration of friendship and childhood development. Each graduate was presented with a gown, cap and memory book. They enjoyed party food, games and music before ending the graduation with a tear-jerking farewell song.
  • I took Jasper and Jules to visit the Walala X Play installation at Greenwich Peninsula in London (one of  digital artist Camille Walala’s latest creations). It was a fun indoor maze of bright colours, bold patterns and mirrors. Both children loved it and we managed to capture some fun photos against the striking labyrinth.
  • In September, Jasper started attending a local rugby club for young children. Despite the early start on Sunday mornings, we have enjoyed taking him to to play tag rugby and to see his enthusiasm for this sport grow.
  • The big news from September is that Jasper started primary school. His first day of Reception was an emotional one for all of us. He looked so cute in his new school uniform – a crisp, white shirt, shiny shoes and trousers too big for his tiny waist. As we anxiously waited with other families at the school gate, I just wanted to pick Jasper up into my arms and never let him go. He is so young, only just recently turned four, and this seemed like such a big leap for my little boy. The induction weeks were exhausting but had their place as Jasper seems to have settled into school life really well.
  • Jules is now nine months old. She is confident in crawling and sitting on her own, and is trying hard to pull herself up to start ‘cruising’. She and I have resumed Baby Sensory classes for the autumn. They provide us with a special bonding time and a chance for Jules to interact with other babies her age.
  • Jasper also started swimming lessons this month. He attended baby swimming classes when he was about six months old but just used to freak out about being in the water. I didn’t like seeing him so distressed, so we never returned to the lessons after the first term. After researching a lot about teaching young children to swim, and the dangers of secondary drowning, we decided to wait until Jasper was confident enough to undertake swimming lessons in a more structured format. At his first lesson this month he waved goodbye to me at the pool gate and, as I watched him from a distance, he climbed into the training pool and had a really positive experience. I am so, so proud of him and hope his confidence grows every week with each new lesson.
  • As if we didn’t have enough going on in our lives at the moment (work, raising a young family, home renovations), we are now the proud custodians of an enormous plot in the allotments behind our home. We thought we would have to wait several years before a free plot became available, but now we have been offered a somewhat neglected piece of land in which to plant and harvest our own fruit and vegetables. It is going to take a lot of work to clear the overgrown plot over the winter, ready for the spring planting season, but we have a vision to help keep us motivated.

What has your September been like? Was it back-to-school for your family, or maybe you have enjoyed the return of spring from the other side of the world to us. I love to hear from readers of my blog, so please get in touch or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

21a. September Retrospect

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