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August Retrospect

August. Busy, busy August. The last of our summer months has sped by so fast that I’m a little delayed with publishing this piece. August 2017 you have been bittersweet:

  • This month has been dominated by continuing house renovations. We have unearthed several issues during the work which means slow progress, but we have completed a lot of the major structural repairs and are now close to starting redecorating.
  • Midway through August we enjoyed a family day out to the seaside at Broadstairs in Kent. The weather was just perfect for a day on the beach – to feel the sand in our toes and the warm sun on our skin.  No trip to the seaside would be complete without ice cream, which we enjoyed at the delightfully [authentically] retro Morelli’s ice cream parlour overlooking Viking Bay.
  • We co-hosted a family picnic at a local country park for graduates and friends from Jasper’s preschool. It was such a lovely opportunity for the children to play together and for us to celebrate these first friendships of their young lives.
  • Jasper took part in the 2017 Summer Reading Challenge. This is a national UK event held by local libraries every August to encourage children to continue reading during the summer holidays. For young children, the challenge involves giving six verbal book reviews to library staff to receive stickers for their activity packs and to qualify for a certificate and medal (which will be presented by the child’s school in the autumn term).
  • Baby Jules is now eight months old. She is more active than ever – rolling over and crouching up all ready to start crawling. She claps her hands and continues to express dance and music appreciation in her own special way.
  • In South Africa, my father celebrated his 70th birthday. He and family travelled to the Western Cape to visit wine farms and view the phenomenon of Cape wild flowers in bloom following the winter rains.
  • Jasper had his final day at nursery/preschool at the end of August. For me, this has been an emotional time reflecting on the past three and bit years he has spent at this special home away from home (read more here). I am denial that he will be starting primary school in September as it seems like only yesterday he was born.20a. August Retrospect

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