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From Baby to Boy

Dear Jasper

Today is your last day of nursery/preschool. For the past three and a bit years this has been your home away from home. It has been a place to feel happy, safe and supported. A place to learn, make friends and grow.

A couple of days before your first birthday, Mama and Daddy carried you into nursery for your first ‘settling in’ session. It was only for an hour, while we filled out forms and discussed your home routines, but it felt like an eternity as it was the first time we had handed our baby over to strangers. You cried to be away from us. We felt guilty and sad to be leaving you in an unfamiliar place. But soon, after a few more induction sessions, you started recognising the faces of adults you could trust and children you now call friends.

The women who have cared for you there have become such familiar faces that they feel like family. You rush to them in the morning with smiles, laughter and cuddles. These women have changed your nappy and then encouraged you in your toilet training. They have fed you bottles, then helped you to feed yourself. They have read hundreds of stories to you and settled you down to sleep. These women have picked you up when you’ve fallen and comforted you at times you have not been well. They have taught you new words, numbers and how to write your own name. They have given you space to get messy, cover yourself in glitter and jump in rain puddles. Importantly, these women have given me the opportunity to return to work after becoming a mother. These wonderful women have helped raise you.

You have flourished at nursery/preschool. Your outgoing personality has shone and you have made many friends. With each quarterly review meeting at nursery, we have delighted in hearing about your kindness to others, your excellence at language and communication, and your interest in numeracy and understanding how things work. Your love of books spread from home to nursery – the Book Corner has been your special place for a bit of calm in an otherwise busy and exciting day with friends.

While at nursery you have enjoyed days out to zoos and wildlife parks, woodland trails, local shops and the park. You have had endless fun at nursery Christmas parties, fetes, Halloween and other dress-up occasions. We love all the artwork and creations you have brought home with you. This has been such a special experience as you’ve grown from a baby into a boy.

For me, saying goodbye to your nursery/preschool is an emotional time. This is a place I have come to trust in caring for you completely. Sometimes, on busy days at work, I have barely thought of you as I know you have been looked after by people who genuinely love you.

You starting primary school in September will be a whole new learning curve for us as a family. New routines, new demands, new friends and new trust. I know you are sad to say goodbye today, but your excitement for starting ‘big school’ means you are ready to make the next jump in your development. I am so proud of you.

Love you always,
Mama x

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