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July Retrospect

July. Slow, rainy July. After all the fun and adventures we enjoyed in the spring and early summer, July has been a more subdued month for us:

  • In early July we celebrated Jasper’s fourth birthday. He was very excited about reaching this age, but for me it was a bittersweet milestone as it feels like there has been a big jump in his growth and development (read more here). As we were not long back from South Africa, and busy with house renovations, we didn’t plan much more then a small birthday tea party for Jasper to enjoy with our nearby family.
  • This month we have been preparing for Jasper’s start at primary school (which will be from September). He really enjoyed the casual induction / stay ‘n play session with his soon-to-be teacher and classmates. We have also bought his school uniform ready for the all important first day of school.
  • Baby Jules is now seven months old. She is sitting well and can roll over from her back onto her tummy. She is undecided about solid food, but does have some favourite first tastes (sweet potato and yogurt).
  • This month we have mostly be busy with our house renovations. We anticipate the repairs, improvements and redecoration in the majority of rooms will last another few months. By then we hope to unpack more of our boxes and for the house to feel a bit more like our home.

17a. July Retrospect

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