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Now You are Four

Dear Jasper

Today is your birthday – now you are four. Ever since your best friend turned four, last November, you have been desperate to reach this milestone too. Now you can celebrate and rejoice at being this special age.

It feels like a big jump – from three to four years of age – bigger than your previous birthdays. You have experienced so much change in the last twelve months. This time last year we told you that you were going to become a big brother, and following that you have had to deal with the arrival of your little sister, moving home and preparing to start primary school.

Perhaps it is because Mama and Daddy have been so busy with all of these things (and more) that we have blinked and suddenly our chatty, baby-faced, innocent little toddler has morphed into the tall, lean, lovely boy you are today. You are still as talkative as ever, but now you discuss more serious things like monsters, superheroes, blood, bones and even death. You continue to have the energy of the Duracell Bunny and perpetually exhaust us with your bounciness. Your love for books is ever strong, but now you are so interested in how to spell and sound out words that I know it won’t be long before you learn to read. You have also developed a love of tools and an inquisitive mind about how things work or can be fixed – I am convinced that you may follow the path of your maternal grandfather and great-grandfather and might be an engineer one day.

Your social skills amaze me – you are much more bold and outgoing than Mama and Daddy.  You engage with everyone you meet and have a large circle of friends at preschool. You are a genuinely kind soul – you always champion little people, and have often been praised at nursery/preschool for being so caring and friendly to the younger children and your peers. Because of this quality, your baby sister instantly fell in love with you and always beams a big smile when she sees you or can hear your voice. You are strong, handsome and your eyes melt hearts – pools of denim blue I could stare into forever.

We may not have spent much time together (just me and you) this past year – wedged by the demands of your infant sister – and for that I am sorry, my darling. Even when I feel so exhausted from your endless energy, or your constant chatter is driving me insane, you will always be my precious boy and I will support, love and encourage you in everything you want to achieve in life. In turn, I know that you will be my fearless protector and loyal son for all my life.

You are the gift that made me a mother and that is why I celebrate your birthday each year with much pride and happiness. I cannot believe that just four years ago you came into our lives – sometimes it is hard to remember what life was like without you.  Always stay as lovely as you are today, no matter how many candles may be on your cake.

Love you always, Mama x



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