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Happy Father’s Day: With Love from a Preschooler

In celebration of Father’s Day this year, I ‘interviewed’ Jasper (age three – very nearly four) with 20 questions for him to answer about his daddy – brilliant father and my partner in crime, Neil. These two have such a beautiful relationship and I just know that they are going to be best friends for life.

1. What is your daddy’s name?
J: Neil.

2. How old is Daddy?
J: He’s big, but I just don’t know how old.

3. What does your daddy look like?
J: He has a head, a body, a belly button and a winky wonky [bursts into hysterical laughter].

4. What is Daddy’s favourite food?
He loves apples, cheese and cake.

5. What is Daddy’s favourite thing to drink?
J: Beer…. and tea.

6. What does Daddy do in his job?
J: He has his lunch there and works on a computer. Daddy does nothing else at his work, he only eats his lunch and works on his computer.

7. What is Daddy’s favourite colour?
J: He likes green, but my favourite colour is yellow.

8. Does Daddy have a favourite flower?
J: Yes, he loves sunflowers. Sunflowers are yellow.

9. What sorts of things does your daddy like to do?
J: He likes going to the recycling centre and eating food.

10. What does Daddy do when he’s happy?
J: I just don’t know [shrugs his shoulders and sighs].

11. What does Daddy do when he’s angry?
J: He talks like angry talks.

12. Does Daddy like to go shopping?
J: Yes.

13. OK, so what does he like to buy when he goes shopping?
J: He loves buying pizza… and pears.

14. What is your favourite thing about Daddy?
J: His cuddles and playing with my toys together… and because we go to the playground together.

15. What is your least favourite thing about Daddy?
J: When he tickles me too much.

16. Who is Daddy’s best friend?
J: Me – Jasper.

17. What do you think Daddy would like to be when he grows up?
J: When he is 100 years old then maybe he would like to be a giant.

18. Jasper, would you like to be a daddy one day?
J: Yes. I would like 10 children of my own because I love children.

19. Who is the best daddy in the world?
J: My daddy.

20. Ok, so why is he the best daddy?
J: He just is, and because I love him so much


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