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April Retrospect

Looking back over the past month is my new exercise for the Cuteness & Chaos blog. In the craziness of motherhood, this will give me an opportunity to record what my family has enjoyed, achieved and celebrated before time whizzes by and we forget.

April. Beautiful, blossom-scented April. You are usually a special month for us (read more here), but this year you have outdone yourself. April 2017, you have exhausted, delighted and indulged us:

  • At the start of April we exchanged contracts on the new house and ten days later had moved in (read more here).
  • In all the frenzy of packing Neil and I remembered our sixth wedding anniversary. We hope to celebrate it properly at some point soon!
  • Our first week in the new house was capped by the long Easter weekend. The Easter Bunny paid us a visit and so we scoffed chocolate eggs for breakfast. To escape unpacking boxes for a day, we enjoyed a sunny family outing to the Tallships Festival at Royal Arsenal, Woolwich.
  • On 18 April we waited nervously, like mummies and daddies all over the country, for the primary school admissions results. Jasper was offered a place at our first choice school, which we have accepted with great relief and delight. This experience was a bittersweet realisation that he is growing so fast (read more here) and soon will be saying goodbye to his little group of friends as he ‘graduates’ from preschool.
  • Jules (now four months old) and I enjoyed our weekly Baby Sensory sessions – full of music, lights, bubbles and textures. She is generally a happy, chatty baby and is so good when she’s out and about in the car, pram, baby carrier or a shopping trolley.
  • We have been settling into our new home. Slowly unpacking, rearranging furniture and cupboards, making notes of what repairs need to be done, flicking through interiors magazines for redecoration inspiration. At the moment it still feels like we are living in someone else’s house, but as we pull out favourite toys, books and photos from the boxes we are gradually spreading our family love (and mess) through the rooms.

It really has been a busy and memorable month for us. And, of course, April has been the month I ‘officially’ launched this blog!. How has your April been? Please get in touch, leave a comment or follow Cuteness & Chaos on Instagram and Facebook. I would love to know what has been the highlight of your month.

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