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Today it Begins

Dear Jasper

Today is the day we find out which primary school you will attend.

For Mama and Daddy it has been a long wait for today. We started viewing potential schools last September. You may remember that we took you along to see some ‘big boy schools’, but most we visited while you were at preschool or tucked up in bed at night.

Each school gave us a different welcome and taste of the education it might offer you. We filed into schools halls and poked our heads around classroom doors, while the children whispered and grinned at all the mummies and daddies looking at them like goldfish in a bowl.

For many parents this was the first time they had been in a primary school since their own childhood, and the familiar sounds, sights and smells made memories of their school days come whooshing back to them. They remembered the class clown or their favourite teacher. They remembered the excitement of school trips and dress-up days. They remembered how scary school could be and the worry that no one would be their friend.

But my darling Jasper, I am sure you will be offered a place at a school which will provide both sanctuary and freedom for you to grow and be the person you want to be. I know you will flourish, learn well and make wonderful friends – some of which you may even keep for your whole life.

Today it begins. We can start planning for your first day of school. You are growing too fast for my liking – I sometimes wish I could keep you small and innocent forever – but I am so proud of you. Make the most of your schooling, enjoy it and strive for whatever your heart desires.

Love you always, Mama x

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