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Parenting involves a special formula of pure love and gut instinct. When you become a parent for the first time, this is what gets you through the sleepless nights, feeding schedules and endless nappy changes. Your instinct kicks in and you learn the nuances of your baby’s cries. Your devotion to your child is what pulls you through the exhaustion. This formula matures as your baby grows into a toddler and then a preschooler. You start thinking to yourself I am totally rockin’ this whole parenting thing, and then you have another baby…

When I was pregnant with my second child (Jules) I was cautioned by friends and colleagues that ‘one child is one, but two children is many’. Chuckling in response while gently rubbing my blossoming bump, inside I was thinking Oh sh*t. And it’s true – one plus one does not equal two, it equates to a whole circus.

Jules is now three months old and I’ve experienced a steep learning curve in my parenting. My special mama formula has taken on a great, big dollop of what is scientifically known as ‘winging it’. That parental devotion is now split between two gorgeous children with their own individual needs. With the highs also come parenting fails which I acknowledge with a laugh and attempt to learn from as I juggle fire sticks while balancing on a unicycle.

All family units are unique – what works for one may be out of the question for another family. I salute parents of one or many kids. But seriously, I raise my ringmaster’s top hat to those with more than two children!



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